Tuesday 15 September 2015

Data Myna: Digital Data and Analysis

Kathryn Kure of Data Myna

Data Myna will do whatever it takes to get or derive, then verify, clean, code, post-code, transform and analyse high-quality data you can trust to enable a decision-maker to make fact-based decisions.  

Kathryn Kure is a trained human sciences researcher and analyst or "Think" Marketer. However, from the get-go she has worked as an applied researcher and as a "Do" Marketer - 

This combination of thought and action means Data Myna focuses on actionable results. 

For an up-to-date CV and recommendations, click on the LinkedIn profile of Kathryn Kure

Kathryn is an up-to-date member of the Southern African Marketing Research Association

How to contact Data Myna:

Email: kathryn@datamyna.com 
Phone: +27 83 2520992

Use the Data Myna for actionable results

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